Davila Palace - Ploiesti Apartments Davila Palace Ploiesti Apartments

The Davila Palace complex is situated in the heart of Ploiești. Ploiești is the county seat of Prahova County and lies in the historical region of Wallachia in Romania. The city is located 56 km (35 mi) north of Bucharest. According to the 2011 Romanian census, there were 197,542 people living within the city of Ploiești, making it the 9th most populous city in Romania.

Ploiesti is one of the oldest city in Romania. Centuries ago used to be a focal point of mediaval marketing for all the travelers going north thru the Carpathian Mountains. It is located equally distant between the capital Bucharest and the largest Carpathian mountain passes that connect South Romania to North Romania(Transilvania).

  Davila Palace - Ploiesti Apartments
Having developed its economy on oil (it already had ten refineries in 1914), Ploesti has become the nation’s refinery and drilling capital, the “Dallas of Romania”.


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